Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WTF happened??

WHAT IS GOING ON? How can the price of a gallon of gasoline and the price of heating oil be so high, when people clearly cannot afford these prices -and- the demand for oil has fallen nearly off this chart?

The CIA's Captain Ahab must be ecstatic.

The White Whale is under the boat.

The last two Queequeg Syringe-Harpooner's in the White House have pillaged the Treasury, given trillions away to billionaire-banksters, spent the last 10 years killing American soldiers around the world -while shooting Afghanistan-heroin in the White House Oval Office with his junky-buddy Rahm "I wanna run the heroin trade in Chicago" Emanuel, and the oil industry is getting away with turning the Gulf of Mexico into an oil slurry pond, while having the price of oil fixed by the failure of the Justice Department to look into what is the clearest sign of a monopolist-gouging of the American people since before the Age of the Robber Barons?

John D. Rockefeller must be tap-dancing in Hell today.


Not to worry, we will be pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan real soon I hear.

More than half a century after World War II and the Korean War we still have 268 bases in Germany, 124 in Japan, and 87 in South Korea.

By 2009, the number of American bases outside of the USA had increased to over 1000 bases in 135 countries. 

The problem with the whole scheme is that hundreds of these military bases are located in areas that are not war zones, and their sole function is to assure America’s "interests" in a particular area.  You know, interests like keeping the $$$ as the world reserve currency so we can continue to live in a "freedom-filled" country.

Don't worry folks, this whole thing is almost over.  Delusional morons are still pumping money into the stock market hoping to get rich.  They won't.

It seems the American middle class was sold a false bill of goods. They bought the Big Lie that globalization would benefit them. They bought into the delusion that even though their high paying manufacturing jobs sailed away to China and India, they could maintain their lifestyle through brain work, easy credit, cheap goods made in China by the people who took their jobs, and the ever increasing value of their homes.

How has that worked out for us?   It hasn't. 

Based on all available evidence, it seems the American public wants to be misled. They have chosen ignorance over knowledge and understanding. They want to believe their corrupt leaders. They want to believe that things always work out in the long run. They want to believe that the economy is about to get better. They don’t want to think about unsustainable debt, unfunded liabilities, saving for retirement, or Simon Cowell leaving American Idol.

Americans desperately want to be deluded into another bubble, but there are no evident bubbles left to blow. The existing American delusion is that the current fiscal path will not lead to the utter destruction of our once great Republic.  It will.

America resembles a 40 year old aging baseball icon with two bad knees, a pot belly, receding hairline and delusions that he is still the ball player he was at 24. He doesn’t realize that his skills are shot, as he flails at curveballs in the dirt thrown by 21 year old kids. The rest of the league knows he is washed up, but he refuses to accept reality. America isn’t even running on fumes at this point. It is running on delusions.

The American herd has gone mad. A few people have regained their senses, but the vast majority still exhibits the behavior of sheep being led to slaughter. The ruling oligarchs have utter contempt for the average American, but they fear the masses. In order to retain their power and wealth, they gladly hand out two years of unemployment payments, food stamps, and welfare payments to keep the masses sedated. The working middle class foots the bill.  Again.

The den of vipers and thieves have shit on the Constitution, speculated with the country’s funds, risked blowing up the financial system, committed fraud on a massive scale, and continue to rape and pillage the American citizens. Vincible ignorance by the American people is no longer a legitimate excuse.

My investment advice is simple:  Bullets, canned food, a bug-out plan and fishing supplies. 

American's aren't stupid?    The once greatest country in history has went down in flames in less than 100 years.  It wasn't a fucking accident.

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