Saturday, February 4, 2012

God's Jealousy

How do you define perfection? To me, things like jealousy and anger are typically signs of imperfection usually rooted in insecurity. People say God is perfect, but after being credited with over 2.6 Million deaths in the Old Testament and being an admitted jealous God.....just sayin'

Jealousy. Do not forget it, keep it in mind. It is the key. With it you will come to partly understand God as we go along; without it nobody can understand him. As I have said, he has openly held up this treasonous key himself, for all to see. He says, naïvely, outspokenly, and without suggestion of embarrassment: "I the Lord thy God am a jealous God."
You see, it is only another way of saying, "I the Lord thy God am a small God; a small God, and fretful about small things."

Jealousy is the key; all through his history it is present and prominent. It is the blood and bone of his disposition, it is the basis of his character. How small a thing can wreck his composure and disorder his judgement if it touches the raw of his jealousy! And nothing warms up this trait so quickly and so surely and so exaggeratedly as a suspicion that some competition with the god-Trust is impending.

The fear that if Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge they would "be as gods" so fired his jealousy that his reason was affected, and he could not treat those poor creatures either fairly or charitably, or even refrain from dealing cruelly and criminally with their blameless posterity.

To this day his reason has never recovered from that shock; a wild nightmare of vengefulness has possessed him ever since, and he has almost bankrupted his native ingenuities in inventing pains and miseries and humiliations and heartbreaks wherewith to embitter the brief lives of Adam's descendants. Think of the diseases he has contrived for them! They are multitudinous; no book can name them all. And each one is a trap, set for an innocent victim.

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Anonymous said...

Warned, temptation, did the crime, blamed everyone else but themself for crime, excuses, truth, humiliation, consequences, and then took that pleasure away but not vanishing only to allow with time that he can trust again and bring it back. Sounds to me that if we used this protocol our court system would be a lot better. Will to and white, it is what it is. SO, if i have a disease that is man made proven fact then who do raise my fist to? Gov or God? or either? FYI.., what do you call a girl bumble bee? boo bee HAAAAAA God Bless. Meghann